Juniors Emergency :(

Junior is a beautiful 6 month old american bulldog born to Athena the rescue dog, who we stepped in to help the adopter (who was unaware that Athena was pregnant at the time of adopting) as the rescue providing RBU had closed and were unable to help.  Athena had 15 puppies and unfortunately Junior was taken into the vets yesterday due to severe pain and was kept in and given x rays. The vet could not find a problem through the x rays and referred junior to Calder Vet Hospital Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.  Before referral £2000 had to be found and paid up front to the hospital, Junior will have to undergo a MRI scan and other tests. So far the first vets bill is averaging between £220 – £300 to be confirmed tomorrow and it will be confirmed tomorrow if he will also need to have a operation as the vets are suspecting spinal damage. We are desperately needing to raise the funds to help the cost of juniors treatment.  Please visit our Crowdfunding page to donate no matter how small this young baby needs a chance.  Thanks


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VET BILL RECEIPTS TO VALUE OF £2000 – For Referral to specialist




  • Wilma Colquhoun

    Can I please have an update on this wee American bulldog…is he in foster care or a permanent home on the UK..is he now going to be completely healthy…would really like to know


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