Pets at Home VIP charity

Pets at Home VIP Club Do you shop at Pets at Home? If you do then join their VIP (Very Important Pet) club to save money and support The Animal Team. As a member of VIP, you’ll get great benefits for you and your pets. You’ll receive exclusive discounts on everything from food to health products, as well as helpful hints and tips so you can ensure that you get the best for your pets.VIP benefits don’t stop there though!

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Secure Dog Walking Fields

We know that at times some of us and for many different reasons cannot have our dogs of the lead. These could be because of bad recalls, unsociable behaviour or maybe we just need a secure environment to do that all important essential training,without distractions. Help is at hand! Link for the details: Dog Walking Fields this site has a list of safe environments, in the UK, where your dogs can go off the lead.

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Juniors Emergency :(

Junior is a beautiful 6 month old american bulldog born to Athena the rescue dog, who we stepped in to help the adopter (who was unaware that Athena was pregnant at the time of adopting) as the rescue providing RBU had closed and were unable to help.  Athena had 15 puppies and unfortunately Junior was taken into the vets yesterday due to severe pain and was kept in and given x rays. The vet could not find a problem through the x

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Things you should know about The Animal Team

FIGURES Updated figures are in for Homechecks and Transports completed since we started at the end of 2012. TOTAL HOMECHECKS COMPLETED TO DATE 27802 HOMECHECKS COMPLETED THIS YEAR 2599 – Up by 35% against last years figures for Jan and Feb combined. TOTAL TRANSPORT RUNS COMPLETED TO DATE 7355 TRANSPORT RUNS COMPLETED THIS YEAR 494 – Up by 17% against last years figures for Jan and Feb combined. Animals transported to Safety to date 6825 Dogs, 435 Cats, 32 Rabbits, 15 Birds, 19 Guinea Pigs, 6

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National Wetnose Day for Animals – 25th September 2015

WETNOSE DAY 25th September 2015 Wetnose Animal Aid is raising funds that will be given to struggling Animal Rescue Centres to help pay off vets bills, buying equipment or animal feed which would go a long way to helping them in their day to day invaluable work. These Rescue Centres are experiencing a marked downturn in donations, but a noticeable increase in animals being ‘dumped’ on them, as owners continue for various reasons not to be able to keep their

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Updated figures are in for Homechecks and Transports completed since we started at the end of 2012. Its actually so hard to believe, I had to use a calculator to check our homecheck figures as I was sure the spreadsheet had malfunctioned! TOTAL HOMECHECKS COMPLETED SO FAR 19585 HOMECHECKS COMPLETED JUNE 2015 862 Thats right!  Nearly TWENTY THOUSAND homechecks.  Lets be very conservative and say half of these failed or did not result in a rehome.  That is still TEN THOUSAND

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