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Please ensure that after submitting this form you complete the Rescue Registration Form to be issued with your Unique Rescue Reference Number.  Our services will be limited in the near future to those who have registered with us and have an active URRN. To avoid any break in our services being available to you we advise you register at your earliest convenience.


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Does this rescue have Liability insurance in place that covers the general public including volunteers helping with homechecks, assessments and transport relating to the animals for which it is responsible? (required)

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We can only transport foreign dog(s) / cats(s) that are ALREADY in the UK. We CANNOT collect animals from the port / euro tunnel. New guidelines and procedures demand that any animal entering the country not on the PET Scheme (which will apply to all rescues or individuals rescuing animals from abroad) have to be transported from their UK entry point to the initial destination on the TRACES form by a DEFRA approved driver and then passed by a vet. We are unable to transport any animal to their secondary destination without the above process being carried out first. We will require proof that all procedures above have been followed before we are able to assist you. (required)
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Don't Forget to Register for your URRN to avoid a break in our services and to enable you to use our SHORT request forms. (required)
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On successful submission of this form you will be redirected to our Rescue Registration Form to register for a Unique Rescue Reference Number. If you are not redirected this form will not have been submitted and you will have to check your completion of the form to ensure you have filled it out correctly