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Our transport team help with the transport of animals from and to various places from foster to adoption, rescue to foster, pounds to rescue and Emergency Boarding and more. It’s not only cats and dogs we transport. We’ve helped transport reptiles, birds, rabbits and we’re willing to help any animal in need.  We offer fast and safe transport along a “Chain-link” transport system whereby a journey is often split between volunteers so nobody has to do huge amounts of driving. In some cases we offer help with fuel, wherever possible, as our volunteers already offer their time and vehicle we try and avoid them being out of pocket as well.  Although many of our volunteers will often transport for free.

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Our Homecheck System was set up to bridge the gap between potential fosters/adopters and the animal they want to foster or adopt.  Many people find themselves only looking at rescue animals locally and over looking going further afield due to rescues not being able to homecheck out of their catchment area. We have devised this group in order to stop that from happening. All of our volunteers have homechecked before, or the shadow another home checker before homechecking alone and know the protocol involved in doing homechecks.  They are given forms by the rescues requesting the homecheck to tick off their criteria. This means that a rescue in Cornwall would no longer find it difficult to re home an animal in Scotland, coupled with our transport group even getting an animal to its new home can be made even simpler.  Thus helping an animal find its home, and a rescue have a free space for another animal in need. We don’t only homecheck for cats and dogs though, we have people who know how to homecheck for birds, reptiles, bunnies you name it!

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Our Rescue Register is where Rescues can advertise the animals they have ready for rehoming.  These are shared across Facebook & Twitter. We work tirelessly to help raise funds for good causes within the animal rescue world, and our Twitter and Rescue Register girls regularly hold “K-9 Hour” on twitter to raise awareness for certain animals who need it the most.

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We have a Facebook Rescue Space page for animals urgently needing help to find a rescue space.


Our Facebook Lost and Found page features animals who need your help.


Our Auction Group raises funds for transport fuel, to help pay for emergency boarding and each month a publicly nominated Rescue receives a donation of 25% of what the auction makes, the rest going back into the pot to help cover transport runs that are short on fuel, Emergency Boarding for dogs that need it for a short time between death row and transport to a rescue space and in any other special circumstances where a rescue requires funding help.

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We will help a rescue in any way we can to help secure a positive outcome for any animal in need.

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We are building a database of available fosters across the UK so that we can continue to provide rescues with help finding emergency fosters / overnight fosters.


All our admins utilise Facebook and twitter to its best ability making absolute use of the many animal loving and rescue oriented friends and followers.  We regularly share appeals on social media for rescues and rescuers doing all they can to save lives.


If you are interested in any of our services, either click the relevant link to go to the group, contact us by email to theanimalteamuk@gmail.com or by using our Contact Form