Roxy Roo Roo a Learning to Trust Story

This is the journey of when my hooman parents, (whom I call Mam and Dad), rescued me and gave me a new life.

In February 2006, Mam and Dad got their first boxer called Sox because she had four white paws that looked like white socks.

From day one, she was and still is Daddy’s girl. Dad took her to puppy training classes and training school so she soon learnt how to behave, be good and listen to commands. She is very good, has brilliant patience and has a very loving nature, so much so that she is often referred to as “Nanna Sox”.

Not knowing much about boxers, Mam and Dad asked a friend who had a white one called Arthur, for advice about them. Aunty Bev and Uncle Andrew taught them a lot about the breed and how to look after them.

They used to take Soxy to play with William and she loved it. At the time, white boxers were quite rare and Arthur was the only one in our area. Soxy, Mam and Dad loved William.

In May 2007 my Mum’s nephew came up to their house and told Mum that a man in a local village was “getting rid” of a white boxer and would she be interested in having her. She just said to Dad without hesitation “let’s go and get her now”.

Roxy Roo RooThey went to the house and my owner came out with me. I was playing up, growling and snarling and didn’t like these new people who had come to visit. My owner said he couldn’t keep ma as I was too aggressive and he was concerned for his children who were quite young at the time. He told Mam that the owner before him had constantly beat me and at one stage hit me with a baseball bat resulting in a fractured skull. I still have the scar on my head to this day.

Mam looked at me and told my owner to put me in the car, “she is coming home to live with us.” she said.  I was nervous.

I left my owner with a makeshift lead and an old saucepan which I used to have my meals in. Nothing else.

I was very agitated in the car on my journey to my new forever home and was so scared that I peed in the back of the car. When we got home. Mam opened the car to let me out and I was cowering as I thought I would be scolded for peeing in the car. Mam just said, “poor baby, you must be so frightened. No more for you. You will live here be loved and cared for with us now”.

When I finally got out of the car, I met Soxy. She sniffed and sniffed me nonstop. I didn’t like this, held my tail between my legs and growled at her quite nastily. I know now that she was trying to welcome me into “her home”, and telling me not to be frightened, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Dad went out and bought me a new bed, feeding bowls, toys and a new red lead leather collar and lead, (which I hated), but got used to it eventually

I was given my dinner early evening the same time as Sox had hers.

On that first night in the kitchen with Soxy, I thought she was going to pinch my food so I gulped it down and was growling and snarling at her. For the next few days, Mam and Dad fed us separately and mine was in smaller amounts to stop me gorging on my food like a little white piggy.

Most of the time, for the first few weeks in my forever home, I would stay curled up tight on my bed, growling at anyone who came near me. My bed was my safe place to go hide from things I wasn’t sure of or didn’t like.

I had gained two older human brothers and sisters and two younger ones who Mam called the grandchildren. I didn’t like them much. They wanted to fuss me and patt my head and neck. I didn’t like that. When they tried to give me treats, I would snatch them out of their hands not realizing I could have hurt them. Mam and Dad decided to teach me some manners and to help me overcome my fears. With time and patience, I learnt how to be gentle when taking treats from little ones. They now have a new grandson who loves to climb into my bed with me and cuddle. I like him.

In July, the 22nd to be exact, it was what was called Mam and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary. They had a family party and gave me a small piece of cake. I liked it so much that when they went to bed that night, I pinched what was left and hid the empty box in my bed. Mummy told me off and said that this was not allowed. I had pinched food before, maybe because I was hungry or just because it was there and done it for attention. I still pinch things now but not often, only if they are left lying around. If I can reach them, then I can eat them right?

Mam and Dad were talking about Birthdays. What is this? They realized I didn’t have one. When they rescued me, I had no papers to say when I was born or where I came from. They both decided to give me their anniversary date as my birthday as it meant so much to them. July 22nd. Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha day to me!!!

After a few weeks at home. I had to go to the vet for a checkup. Soxy came too. She was very excited. She loved going to the vet as they spoil her there with fusses and treats. I didn’t like it. I growled at the vet, but she was very patient with me and put me at ease. I soon got used to them and love going to see them now. I get fusses and treats too. X

She told Mam and Dad that I was about 18 months to 2 years old, but she couldn’t be sure. Going on that, it makes me about 9 years old now.

Mum and Dad spent hours sitting with me whilst I lie curled up on my bed. Mam would put treats just out of reach of my paws, but near to her so I had to move closer to her to get them. Gradually I learned to take the treats on command and the snarling and growling stopped. I was starting to learn how to “TRUST” my human parents. They loved me and were not going to hurt me. I was in my forever home.

Because I was white, I stood out quite a lot as there weren’t many of us around.

Mum’s youngest granddaughter Chloe came to meet me for the first time. Dad took Soxy out and Chloe came into the house.

I was brought in to say hello. Chloe was really excited, but she was scared of large dogs, so Mum was very careful introducing me. Mum told her that I was Soxy, (who was brindle coloured), Dad had washed her down with the hose pipe and all the colours had come out. Bless her, She believed him for a while. She was still young after all. I liked Chloe. Mam and Dad said I could be her dog which I liked.

Over time I learnt not to be so aggressive and to be patient. To walk on the lead and to listen when I was told.

I stopped weeing in the house and in my bed and became a good clean girl.

When Soxy was 3 years old. She had 8 puppies. I didn’t like them. They wanted to play all the time and tried to eat my face and my ears, so I would get up on the sofa and hide behind my Mam or Dad. Soxy didn’t like me near the puppies so I left them alone most of the time. I did have a sneaky look and a good sniff of them when they were sleeping and Soxy was out of the room.

When they got a bit bigger, sometimes I would play with them for a while then they would all pile on top of me so I would get out of their way quickly as I could. Mummy said I was good to play with the pups and to share my toys.

I have been with my human family for over 7 years now and know I am part of their family and not “just a dog”. I am one of their babies and they will never hurt or leave me.

3 years ago my human sister Becky rescued a white boxer puppy called Kalzi. She is a nutcase and doesn’t stop jumping around and wanting to play. I am not now the only white boxer in the village. I have a baby sister.

Becky already had a chug called Minnie. She is 4 years old and really spoilt. We don’t really get on but tolerate each other. Another sister for me. I have 3 now.

3 months after getting Kalzi, Mam and Dad rescued a 3 year old boy called Duke. He is also a lunatic and loves to play a lot, so him and Kalzi get on great. I have a brother too.

Becky has just got a baby Frenchie called Milo. He is very little with very big ears. He is funny and snorts a lot. He is very quick and pinches the treats if one of us drop them. We have to be very quick to catch them before he does. Another brother for me.

Sometimes I get quite jealous of the other dogs in the house and give either Mam or Dad a gentle nudge with my nose or place my paw on their legs to ask for a fuss or a cuddle. They always do as they do with all the others in the house.

We have joined a group on Facebook called “Boxer Playdates Wales”. Where other boxer Mums and Dads take their furbabies to nice places to play with each other. We go to the beach, to parks and on walks and sometimes there are about 30 boxers there all playing, running and having fun together off the lead. There are very few squabbles between us as we know that we have to behave or we won’t come again. All my fur friends love my Mam and Dad. They follow him around everywhere he goes and they listen to him. He is like the Dog Whisperer. They love my Mum as she always has treats for all of us in her “special bag”.

We have made lots of new friends who love me and my fur siblings, so much so that four of them have adopted white boxers. They say it’s because of me. How good I look and how great I am.

I have a white boxer friend called Davy Jones. He lives in London with his fur brother Indy and his human parents. He was 1-year-old in December and we went up in Dad’s car to his birthday party and we all had a ball. We all came home with doggy bags full of treats and toys and homemade liver cakes. Yum yum.

It is Indy’s birthday next month and were are going back up again for another party. Can’t wait for it.

I have two other boxer friends call Khaleesi who is also white and Bruno who is brindle. My human parents and theirs are really good friends and they are always buying us lots of presents.

.I can tell you many stories of things I have done over the past 7 years, mostly good, but  a few bad ones, (we won’t mention them). The time I fell in the mud and dad couldn’t tell what colour I was supposed to be. When I made friends with our postman who now gives us treats through the letter box. The time I got into dad’s car and wouldn’t come out and when I took myself off to my mum’s bed and hid, they looked for me for hours, but I was under the duvet!!! When the snow was so deep that they couldn’t see me (because I’m white), but I had great fun in the snow. There are so many that I would need to write a book, (or mummy can because I can’t write as yet).

In the time I have been with my human family, I have learnt to be good, obedient and very loving. I can be loved and not to be aggressive or naughty, but most of all the best thing I learnt was “TRUST”. I totally trust my human family as they do me.

This did not come easy and I thank them for showing me that this can be done all it takes is time, patience and a loving family.

I have given my humans many years of love as they have to me and I do hope that I have many more years to come to stay with them.

I love you all my human family.

Your beautiful, grumpy gorgeous girl Roxy Roo Roo.

  x x x x x x x x

by Ruth Davies and Roxy Roo Roo Davies