Lilly the KCCS and Reiki

Lilly – the rescue dog who inspired me to train to help animals in need

In 2013 I became a foster for a local dog rescue and when I met my third foster dog, I decided that she was so gorgeous, I had to adopt her! Lilly is a tri-coloured King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and was kept by a breeder in a crate along with other dogs in a shed, mostly all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Lilly and BaileyThey had intended to breed from her but she was so distressed she never came into season, so after three years the breeder put her into rescue. When I met Lilly she didn’t know her own name, had never been on a walk or into a house, yet she trotted indoors, wagging her tail and chattering away to herself (I was later to learn that Lilly talked a LOT). She was such a sweet, loving dog who wanted to be my side constantly and everyone who met her, loved her. She was suffering with ear infections, had bad teeth (lots were missing and others had to be removed imminently and most of the rest were pretty much worn down completely, as she had tried to gnaw her way out of the crate), so she has never been able to chew treats or toys. Lilly didn’t understand what dogs were doing when she saw them playing, was not used to socialising with people or animals so was quite wary of them (especially men) and panicked when I left the room. It also became apparent that she was hard of hearing in both ears. She needed a lot of love, time and patience to be able to integrate her into having a normal, happy doggy life. Gradually over the months and years her confidence grew around people and animals; she became more affectionate and her character started to develop. She even found herself a boyfriend, Bailey, a Blenheim Cavalier who lived round the corner. Gradually he taught her how to accept attention from another dog, by greeting her with kisses whenever they met up! After four months of living with me, aged nearly 3 and a half, she came into season; according to her vet she was feeling less stressed and anxious now so her body was able to follow its natural development process.

Working with reiki and the animal world

Working constantly with Lilly to help her live in a “normal” world meant I was spending more time with animals in general, whilst also studying canine behaviour and dog training to work alongside Lilly – and so I became interested in working with animals more intensively. Lilly & BaileyI had already qualified in my Reiki Level II so I decided to train in animal reiki too, working my way through levels I & II, then onto Master Practitioner/ Teacher level. Reiki is a healing process that works at bringing us into balance and reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself at all levels, (whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual), by clearing and balancing our energy fields. If our vital energy becomes weak or blocked by physical or emotional stress, this may lead to symptoms on a physical and/or emotional level. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment and can be given at a distance as well as hands-on, and always with the animal’s permission. A session will last up to an hour and during the first part of the session I will be setting an intent, requesting an animal’s permission and then connecting with the animal, in order to start to channel the energy. When working with an animal I will start by offering reiki from a distance and often the animal will come over and position itself so I can place my hands wherever they feel the energy is needed. Other times they may fall into a “reiki nap”, either standing or lying down.

How reiki can help animals

Animals respond intuitively to reiki’s power to heal emotional, behavioural, and physical illnesses and injuries. For animals who are ill, reiki is an amazing healing method as well as a safe complement to any Western or Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, or flower essences. For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death. Reiki can also be helpful for pregnant animals.

  • If you are adopting an animal from a rescue centre, a session or two of reiki can help your new pet adjust to a new and no doubt, very different environment from that which it has been used to. Reiki will help calm and reassure your rescue pet and effectively ease it into the routine of its new home. Reiki can be useful in helping existing household pets bond with your new pet, as well as calming any animals that are showing behavioural distress.
  • Behavioural issues – if your pet is exhibiting signs of stress, unusual behaviour (such as waking the family through the night, excessive barking for no reason, snappiness towards other pets etc., etc.,) or just seems unhappy, then a healing session can help. It is advisable to visit your vet prior to any healing session to see if there are any underlying medical conditions that may be affecting your pet.
  • If an animal is healthy, reiki helps to maintain their good health and enhances relaxation as well as providing a sense of calm and peacefulness.


Want to deepen the bond with your pets?

Anyone can learn to offer reiki – the training process involves an attunement from a Reiki Master and this is when the chakras are opened up to allow the reiki to flow through the new practitioner. When I work with rescue animals or those that have more severe physical or emotional issues, I often recommend that the animal owner learn reiki themselves, in order to be able to offer reiki as often as possible to their pet, as sometimes it is impractical to have a reiki practitioner visit you regularly and ongoing. These regular reiki sessions with their human will benefit the animal greatly, even just on a general relaxation and well-being basis. The animal owner will also feel the benefits of reiki themselves, as reiki can help with stress and anxiety which your pet could be picking up on) and also with issues such as insomnia and to help alleviate general aches and pains, even those that are long-term. Animal reiki level I enables you to practice on your pets and animals belonging to friends but if you wish to work on a paid for basis with clients, you would need to complete your level II animal reiki.

I am based in Essex and offer reiki sessions to people, their pets and teach at 1-2-1 workshops or on frequent course dates.

NEW: I offer animal reiki courses online for home study, via my website Priced at £60, there are over 70 easy-to-follow slides, meditations and distant attunements to give you everything you need to be able to practice reiki. The course will take about 8 hours, involves two case studies and once completed, you will receive a practitioner’s certificate and be able to offer reiki to yourself and your pets! Alternatively, you can purchase an “Intro to Animal Reiki Level I Course”, with 20 pages of slides, priced at £10. If you would like to know more about animal reiki or join a course, please contact me at