The continued success of our group relies solely on the commitment and passion of our valued admins. I wont lie, it’s not easy and it can definitely take over your time on occassions, but it’s worth it. If you are 100% sure you can commit to becoming a long term admin and can start straight away and are still interested …… read on ……

Vacancies are
1. Transport Co-ordinator
2. Homecheck Co-ordinator
3. Member and Database Management
4. Sponsorship and Donations Co-ordinator
5. Researcher

What we ask of you:
* You can give at least 1 hour everyday (we do allow a day off)
* You do not admin for any other groups
* You are not affiliated in any way with any rescues – Previously homechecked for, fostered for or adopted from is fine.
* A deep rooted passion for animals and animal welfare * Able to start immediately and long term – it takes a lot of time from our admins to train a new person and takes them away from their roles within the Team and its time we really don’t have to waste. If you don’t like the role you are given / offered we can try you somewhere else.
* Able to take a bit of banter …. its normally all that stops us going completely bonkers.
* Able to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, regardless of how much someone annoys.
* Able to act impartially and diplomatic in any situation .
* Willing to MUCK IN and help out on all our groups if necessary


To apply CLICK HERE to complete an application form.