About Us

The Animal Team provides an essential link between Rescues, Rescue People and Volunteers. Our homecheck and transport groups not only provide Rescues with the ability to expand their rehoming areas, but our promptness in getting checks and runs covered also mean a quicker turnover of Rescue spaces, this in turn enables more animals to be saved.

In addition, we also help with assessments of animals waiting to come into Rescue and finding foster homes, again freeing up rescue and foster spaces. We also assist Pound Pullers with transport, these are the people who work tirelessly pulling dogs from death row & finding them Rescue spaces. It’s not just dogs… We have homechecked & transported all kinds of furries, from cats (special thanks to our friends at Flumpy.co.uk), to horses, rabbits, rats and even a pigeon!

We cover the whole of the UK with a large group of amazing volunteers, really amazing. They will drop everything for an emergency & tirelessly give their time for the furries who need them. Our admin are a wonderful team of volunteers who also give their time, energy and commitment to come to the help of these animals. No human is too young to realise the wonderful world of rescue and volunteering, one of our admins on our Rescue Register is a young teen who helps when she’s not in school and at a weekend.

If you’re a rescue looking to give yourself a wider audience, then please feel free to join our groups, or speak to an admin about joining.  Likewise, if you’re a volunteer who wouldn’t mind giving your time to animals who can’t help themselves, then please, feel free to join or speak to the admins and they will advise you as to what you need to do to join us. Come and join one of the fastest growing and fastest paced groups. We look forward to having you on board. Rescue is a 24 hour job & The Animal Team never closes. We are always here to help in any way we can.

From The Animal Team.

Please take a look at our video to see for yourself just how The Animal Team helps all animals in need.



Kal our sponsor dog, sadly passed over to rainbow bridge this year.  For 10 years Kal was neglected by humans but through your kind donations we were able to help Kal overcome his fears and have his health issues investigated and treated, so that he was able to enjoy his life again. With our team of inspired people working with Kal, we helped transform his life! His medical bills were expensive and there were frequent trips to the vets for monitoring and that was all worth it to give this beautiful guy the life he deserved for the time he had left.

We really do appreciate everyone’s help to make Kal happy again!

Sweet Dreams big guy …. til we all meet again at that colourful bridge!!!!